Senators 2011 Roster Unveiled

The Harrisburg Senators and Washington Nationals have announced their 2011 roster for the upcoming campaign. As of now, the roster stands at 25 and still needs to be adjusted to get down to the maximum of 24 active players to begin the season.

Let’s take a quick look at the roster by position:


Derek Norris (pictured)
Devin Ivany

No real surprises here as Norris was slated to start the season in Harrisburg regardless of his strong spring showing and Ivany proved more than capable last season behind the plate.


Tyler Moore
Steve Lombardozzi (pictured)
Josh Johnson
Matt Antonelli
Adam Fox
Tim Pahuta

Lots of familiar faces returning to start the season as the double-play combination of Lombardozzi and Johnson will see lots of time at the top of the batting order. Nationals’ Minor League Player of the Year Tyler Moore will be counted on to continue last season’s strong second half. The big shocker to me will be seeing former first rounder Matt Antonelli on City Island this season. Even though he’s working his way back from missing the entire 2010 season, I still thought he was slated for the Syracuse roster.


Jesus Valdez
Archie Gilbert (pictured)
Jon Tucker
Buck Coats
Bill Rhinehart

The only two names most Senators’ fans will know is Valdez (who I thought came into his own during the second-half of last season) and Rhinehart (who has made it back to Double-A after finishing last year at Potomac. If I’m Buck Coats and have played the last 5 seasons at Triple-A, I’m disappointed to get the news I’m headed to Central PA.

Starting Pitching

Brad Peacock
Brad Meyers
Ryan Tatusko (pictured)
Luis Atilano
Erik Davis

The Nationals have such a glut of talented arms at the Triple-A and Double-A level, the Senators’ pitching staff was bound to be loaded with potential stars. Meyers has all the stuff and just needs to prove his durability over the course of an entire season. Peacock opened a lot of eyes during his stint in the Arizona Fall League and I expect him headed north to Syracuse shortly. The biggest victim of the Nationals’ numbers crunch has to be Ryan Tatusko, but selfishly I’m glad to have back in Senators’ apparel.

Relief Pitching

Erik Arnesen
Jimmy Barthmaier
Jeff Mandel (pictured)
Ryan Mattheus
Pat McCoy
Hassan Pena
Cory VanAllen

Once again a lot of familiar faces from the last two seasons litter the Sens’ bullpen. Arnesen and Mandel return to Harrisburg after both finishing last season in Syracuse and my eyes are on Mattheus who is coming off Tommy John surgery after missing almost all of last year. I realize the relief corps is one of the most fluid spots on a roster so it could change quickly, but it will be interesting to see who manager Tony Beasley turns to in end of game situations since no one listed has a lot of closer experience.

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