The 3 Best Changes at Metro Bank Park (So Far)

1. The addition of Miller’s Mustard to the condiment table – This stuff is like unicorns in a bottle. The MILD is a delicate balance between sweet and spicy, while the HOT brings levels of heat without sacrificing flavor. I have found myself buying and eating soft pretzels at the games, if for no other reason than to have a delivery system for my new favorite condiment.


2. Moving MoMo’s BBQ and The Spot to the Boardwalk area just inside the main entrance – Without question, these two concession stands serve up the best food at Metro Bank Park and last year floundered in their hidden location on the lower concourse behind the grandstand.


3. The Maps! – I felt like I advocated for this all of last season and to see them now in their full glory is a thing of beauty. These bad boys are hanging up in multiple places throughout the ballpark and give fans an easy way to find the nearest bathroom or locate the concession stands serving french fries. And they’re working too, as I have seen numerous fans consulting the easy-to-read guides before they began their trek for food during these first five days of the season.

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