Salute to Beavers

If you take a look at the Senators’ promotion schedule you won’t see anything listed for tonight’s game. No giveaway, no 2-for-1 ticket deal, and no specially priced beer.

But that’s because no one could have predicted the circumstances behind beavers becoming the trendiest Twitter topic in Central PA over the last week. So, the Senators decided to strike while the iron was hot and promote tonight’s contest as a Salute to Beavers with special deals for anyone named Beaver, from Beaver, or went to Beaver College. They also took it one step further and decided if you were a Ward, June, or Wally you were also cut a break on ticket prices.

Do I think anyone in the ballpark came out especially for this off-the-wall promotion? Less than 10 people? 20? I think we can all agree that it didn’t bring in more than 50 fans into the stadium who weren’t already coming. (**No actual scientific proof on my part)

Not every between-inning entertainment was a success either. Building dams with swimming pool noodles was a disaster that is best to never be revisited. And couldn’t they have showed at least one clip on the video board of Beaver getting into trouble with Larry Mondello or Eddie Haskell sucking up to Ward and June?

But just because the turnout wasn’t a huge bump or the beaver games and trivia weren’t all fun, the Senators deserve points for trying something definitely unique and showing the city that they too can laugh and join in on the farce that is beavergate.

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