Oogie Released from Prison

Courtesy @JuanUrbina51

Courtesy @JuanUrbina51

Former Senator pitcher Ugueth Urbina was released from a Venezuelan prison for good behavior after serving almost six of his sentenced fourteen years.

Urbina was convicted for the November 2005 incident at his property after reportedly attacking ranch hands with a machete and setting them on fire for stealing personal items including a pistol.

Ugueth UrbinaThe veteran righthander maintained his innocence during the investigation and legal case. From an exclusive interview with ESPN at the time of his trial, Urbina said, “I’m trying to find a solution to this problem and clear my name as much as possible so that people can see I had nothing to do with this problem.”

“Few on the Senators’ outstanding pitching staffs in 1993 and ’94 threw a baseball better than Ugueth Urbina,” Andy Linker wrote in One Patch of Grass, “And absolutely no one came close to matching his stare.” It seems the problems behind that stare put Urbina behind bars for the last seven years of his life and cost him the tail end of his career despite reports that the now 38-year old Urbina has been playing prison ball and can still throw 90 mph.

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