Trading Card Friday: Moises Alou

Moises Alou
Despite the successful baseball pedigree of his father and two uncles, Moises Alou grew up instead playing basketball. It wasn’t until he attended community college in California that he focused on baseball where his natural talent raised his status in the amateur ranks. Alou was subsequently selected with the second overall pick in the January 1986 draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Alou played in 90 games for the Senators between the 1989 and 1990 seasons before beginning his illustrious 17-year major league career in which he batted .303 with 2,134 hits and 332 home runs. During his time in the majors, Alou was named to six All-Star teams, finished in the MVP top ten voting three times, and won the Silver Slugger Award twice (1994 and 1998).

Many in Central PA will recall Alou as one of the greatest Senators ever, while others will probably remember him for peeing on his hands to toughen them up or his immature outburst directed at Steve Bartman in the infamous playoff game.

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