Projected Roster Version 3.0

As spring training heads into its final few weeks, the Senators’ roster for the upcoming season is coming more into focus. I previously took two guesses (here and here) at the 25 players who’ll come north with the ballclub, but this will be my last stab before we find out the official list in less than 14 days.

Photo courtesy John C. Whitehead / The Patriot-News

Sandy Leon and Paul Demny
Photo courtesy John C. Whitehead / The Patriot-News

Sandy Leon
Jeff Howell

Yesterday’s release of Chris Snyder locks in Jhonatan Solano and Carlos Maldonado at Syracuse, and that in turns guarantees Leon’s place behind home plate at Metro Bank Park. It will be fun to watch the soft hands and quick feet of the Venezuelan catcher for whatever time he has left at the Double-A level.

Justin Bloxom
Brian Bocock
Ricky Hague
Anthony Rendon
Matt Skole

Despite a strong spring showing in major league camp, Rendon will return to Harrisburg to begin the upcoming season. Expect him to play not just at third, but also some at second base and shortstop to enhance his versatility. 28-year old Bocock will add a seasoned, veteran presence to the young infield.

Brian Goodwin
Destin Hood
Steven Souza

Wrist and leg injuries limited Hood’s productivity in 2012, but the Nationals hope his improved health will return him to his previous form. Because of the weakness in his wrist, his power numbers dropped dramatically but Hood remains a physical specimen with a high ceiling.

Cutter Dykstra
Jose Lozada

Dykstra and Lozada better bring a lot of gloves with them to the ballpark. Both players will find themselves playing any and all positions all over the field.

Photo courtesy John C. Whitehead / The Patriot-News

Jose Lozada
Photo courtesy John C. Whitehead / The Patriot-News

Starting Rotation
Nate Karns
Blake Treinen
Paul Demny
Brian Broderick
Tyler Herron

As much as I hoped thought Demny would be shifted to the bullpen, it appears the soft-spoken Texan will get another shot at the starting rotation. As before, I have no real feel for who the Senators’ fifth starter will be. I listed independent league pickup Herron in that spot, but there’s not many names that would surprise me there.

Caleb Clay
Ryan Demmin
Marcos Frias
Rob Gilliam
Trevor Holder
Neil Holland
Ryan Tatusko
Rob Wort

As constructed, the Senators’ pitching staff is bound to be right-handed heavy as Demmin is the only southpaw I have listed here. Unless a guy like Pat Lehman starts the season back in Harrisburg, expect Clay and Wort to share closer duties.

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