Treinen Stymies B-Mets to Claim Series Opener

Photo courtesy Bob "The Ambassador" Hauer

Photo courtesy Bob “The Ambassador” Hauer

Senators 3, B-Mets 1

After two seasons in the Oakland A’s organization, it would be understandable to expect a learning curve for pitcher Blake Treinen after coming over in the off-season as part of the Michael Morse trade. And indeed that took place…for about a game.

Since that disastrous first start, Treinen has been exceptional each time he has taken the mound despite mixed results with his win-loss record. “He keeps getting better every outing,” manager Matt LeCroy said after the game, “His off-speed pitches are coming along very nicely. His ability to throw the ball in showed tonight what he can do when he gets that going.”

According to LeCroy and pitching coach Paul Menhart, “pitching inside” is a concept and philosophy that Treinen had to buy into when he came to the Nationals’ organization. “Guys that want it are going to make an adjustment and he’s definitely one of those kids. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and he’s been ‘all in’ since spring training with the throwing program, fielding your position, holding runners. He’s done a phenomenal job with it,” Menhart spoke of Treinen who is quickly becoming another prized pupil.

And what made the transition easy for Treinen? “When you see results from yourself and from other teammates, it makes it real easy to trust,” the pitcher said. Menhart echoed those sentiments, “Experience and getting the immediate results…That’s the easiest way to learn that it’s right and it’s going to work for anybody. The majority of the guys that do it will maintain a job especially in this organization. Those that can’t, they get weeded out.”

Treinen admitted that the A’s weren’t opposed to pitching inside, just that the philosophy gets ingrained into the way of thinking around here, “Own the plate. It is yours. That aggressive mentality, that’s what I was lacking last year and that’s what they have taught me here to maintain that aggressive aura on the mound. I can’t thank this organization enough for taking a chance on me.”

Player of the Game: Blake Treinen

Dugout Chatter

“I’m going to play Rendon four games at third, a couple at second, and a game at short. I was proud of him, he did well up there. Talking to him today he’s excited about getting back.” – – LeCroy on the weekly plan for the returning infielder

“Head is starting to come around. He’s a veteran guy that we kind of needed. He comes ready everyday and I think it rubs off on some of these kids how he goes about his business.” – – LeCroy on the difference Jerad Head has made

From the Windup

• Prior to the game, Jimmy VanOstrand and Jeff Howell were transferred back to Harrisburg while Erik Komatsu was promoted to Triple-A Syracuse and Kris Watts was placed on the DL. Anthony Rendon will be re-activated for tomorrow and the corresponding move is sending Francisco Soriano back to Potomac.

• Cesar Puello’s solo home run in the ninth inning was the first run scored off Ian Krol since April 10th, a timeframe that spanned over nine appearances.

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