The Best Eight Consecutive Starts by a Senator?

Taylor Jordan is scheduled to take the mound tonight against the Akron Aeros. I say scheduled because with Dan Haren hitting the DL, speculation is rampant that Jordan might get the call soon to the show.

But before that does or doesn’t happen, I wanted to look at how good Jordan’s eight starts have been in the Senators recent history.

Stephen Strasburg, Tommy Milone, Brad Peacock, Craig Stammen, and Brad Meyers all had impressive runs but none to the extent of Jordan. There was one name however that did pop up and I didn’t have to go very far to find Danny Rosenbaum’s eight spectacular starts last season that match Jordan in nearly every measurable statistic.

Let’s compare the two in a tale of the tape

Rosenbaum Jordan
Innings Pitched
57.2 49.0
ERA 0.62 0.73
Starts w/ 0 ER 5 4
Record 5-0 6-0
WHIP .728 .755
H/9 5.62 5.33
Opponent AVG .179 .170
Opponent OBP .202 .227
Opponent SLG .234 .228
SO/9 5.77 7.71
SO/BB 6.17 5.25
Strike Rate 69.5% 69.7%
Swing and Miss 13.4% 16.9%

Close call and I’m going to pronounce it a draw.

No matter what happens to Jordan from here on out, it’s been a pleasure to watch as dominant as a run as we’ve ever seen here on City Island.

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