Steven Souza’s Twitter AMA

Photo courtesy Sean Simmers / PennLive

Photo courtesy Sean Simmers / PennLive

Earlier today, Senators outfielder Steven Souza (@StevenSouzaJR) did an impromptu AMA on Twitter and here’s what we learned about the Everett, Washington product:

Derek Stoy @DerekStoy
If baseball wasn’t in the picture what would you be doing right now?
playing football, and being a missionary!

Daniel Lopes @DLopes_Nats11
favorite band/song?
Lecrae and my favorite song is Boasting

Brooks Brooks @emBrooks_
favorite verse?
Romans 1:16 For I am unashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.

Jason M @moxxjason
What’s your favorite stadium to play in in the Eastern League?
Metro Bank Park

Michael Schmidt @md_schmidt
1) Favorite restaurant in Viera?
2) Are pitchers truly the worst athletes on team?
3) Favorite baseball player growing up?
Carrabbas, not always, and Ken Griffey Jr.

Matthew Purke @mattpurke47
how do u hit the ball like SO far?????!!??!!?!!?!
thigh masters in the offseason

Konnor William Fulk @CoolnovelBro
Favorite band?
Casting Crowns

Konnor William Fulk @CoolnovelBro
I’ll ask another because I’m curious, favorite pre game food/snack?
fruit smoothie

Ben Schragger @benswagga
what are your thoughts on the meal money system?
I like it

Britta Aller @senbasefan
Do you prefer playing in night game or day games, or it doesn’t matter?

Curt McGowan @CMcGowan864
beyond timing/needs of the team you can’t control, what skill are you working on to take the next step to the Show?
slowing the game down

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