How Well Do You Know the 2013 Senators?


Playing around on Baseball Reference yesterday, I came across some interesting facts about this year’s team. Let’s see how you do with 15 questions. Answers will be posted in the comments.

What Senator batter…

1. Leads the team in walks?

2. Has grounded into the most double plays?

3. Has been hit by a pitch the most times?

4. Has been intentionally walked the most?

5. Has the highest success rate stealing bases (with at least two attempts)?

What Senator pitcher (with at least ten appearances)...

6. Has given up the most home runs?

7. Has struck out the most batters?

8. Has hit the most batters?

9. Has uncorked the most wild pitches?

10. Has limited the opposition to the lowest batting average?

11. Has the lowest opponent batting average on balls put into play?

12. Has thrown the highest percentage of strikes?

13. Has thrown the highest percentage of “swing and miss” strikes?

Out of the 49 players that have played for the Senators so far this season…

14. How many were born outside of the United States?

15. The youngest player was?

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1 Response to How Well Do You Know the 2013 Senators?

  1. 1. Justin Bloxom 49…with his high walk total, Bloxom’s on-base percentage is over 100 points higher than his batting average
    2. Jose Lozada 10
    3. Jerad Head 8
    4. Sandy Leon 2
    5. Steven Souza 81.25% (13/16)…despite Brian Goodwin leading the team with 17 SBs, he has also been caught ten times
    6. Paul Demny 9
    7. Nate Karns 85
    8. Caleb Clay 7…the Senators have hit the most batters in the entire Eastern League
    9. Blake Treinen 8
    10. Ian Krol .157
    11. Matt Grace .208
    12. Tyler Herron 68.5%
    13. Aaron Barrett 24.5%…there’s some disagreement what to call it, but Barrett’s hard breaking ball (as pitching coach Paul Menhart insists), is plain filthy
    14. 8 (Marcos Frias, Sandy Leon, Jose Lozada, Randolph Oduber, Wilson Ramos, Carlos Rivero, Francisco Soriano, and Jimmy VanOstrand)
    15. Bryce Harper (20 years old)…Harper bested pitchers Brian Rauh and Robbie Ray by one year

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