Coming Up Empty at the Plate

Photo courtesy Paul Chaplin / PennLive

Photo courtesy Paul Chaplin / PennLive

One good inning.

That was as all the Senators’ offense could come up with during their three-game weekend series against the Portland Sea Dogs.

The sixth inning on Saturday night produced the club’s highest output all season as the Senators exploded for seven runs on six hits.

But suppose that inning never happened…how bad does this offense continue to be?

In 25 of 26 innings this weekend, the Senators…

• scored only 3 runs
• hit .149 (13 out of 87)
• got on base at a .204 clip
• slugged .184 (with three doubles as their only extra-base hits)
• struck out 28 times (or 30% of the time they’ve come to bat)
• reached third base only twice without the player scoring
• were retired 1-2-3 ten times

And now the Senators head to Richmond to for an important series with the Flying Squirrels who sit two games behind them for the last playoff spot. Maybe I’m expecting a leopard to change its spots since the club has been firmly entrenched for most of the season at the bottom of the Eastern League for team batting average. But I remain hopeful the Senators can generate some kind of offense to back up the stellar pitching they’ve received all year. I’m just not sure if I’m fooling myself or not.

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