Game Notes & Quotes – 8/23

Tin Man
SeaWolves 9, Senators 5

Over the course of a season, especially with the numerous transactions in the minor leagues, team leaders and heart are an overrated and overused sportswriter trope. But with eleven games left in the race for the playoffs, those are exactly the things this Senators team needs.

Manager Matt LeCroy on player stepping up and taking charge, “I don’t want to go down there every time because I feel like we’ve been in this spot before. We’re still in it. I don’t want them to feel like I’m panicked, because I’m not. It’s just baseball. I just hope somebody down there does it.”

Earlier this season, someone like Josh Johnson would have stepped up and been a vocal leader in the clubhouse and dugout. Instead, most of the players on the current roster are more the “lead by example” type. That’s great when things are going well, but they need a personality to jump start the entire squad.

“I would always hope that my older guys would do it and they’ve done their part,” LeCroy said, “It’s up to them now. The only thing I can do now is put them out there. If you don’t want to play now…this is fun. A frustrating two losses but it’s what it’s about. Every run matters. They bring their closer in with a four-run lead. It just tells you what we’re trying to do, both teams. It’s who can make the plays and who can hit. They just outplayed us. Sometimes you have tip your cap. Hopefully somebody in that locker room will get them going, and hopefully we’ll win the next two games.”

Does Ricky Hague need to get in someone’s face? Does Sean Nicol need to shed his good guy image to stir things up? Does Brian Goodwin need to bring the energy like JJ would have? All of those things and more.

Dugout Chatter

LeCroy on Jason Martinson’s struggles at the plate and in the field…
“I have a feeling the game is rushing a little bit on him. Hitting-wise, he’s struggling and then defensively. It’s just everything. He’s having a hard time. He works hard every day. It’s just a different animal here. It’s one of those things where he’s learning and developing. I’ve been there where the game is really fast for you but you hope he can get out of it because he’s got some talent.”

LeCroy on Steven Souza’s return to the active roster…
“He adds another dimension to our team. He’s proven he can stay with his approach and it’s good to have him back.”

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