Game Notes & Quotes – 8/24

Photo courtesy @MLBaddict

Photo courtesy @MLBaddict

Senators 8, SeaWolves 2

The grind of a baseball season gets to everyone. Long and uncomfortable bus rides, weeks without a day off, and the heat and humidity of summer are just some of the factors that contribute to the grueling routine. And on a daily basis, It’s easy to lose perspective on life and what really matters.

Two days ago a member of manager Matt LeCroy’s extended family suffered a medical crisis. Speaking with his wife on Saturday afternoon, he realized this was a good day to back off from the pressures of the season and the playoff race. So instead of the usual pre-game batting practice, LeCroy and the coaches gathered all of the players in the dugout to reminisce about stories from their time in the lower levels of the organization.

“We had a good day before the game. I told them we were taking batting practice and having a full day. Actually, they did their work in the cage and when they came down for the stretch we just talked about old stories that happened in A ball. Making fun of everybody who got in trouble, things that happened. It was a good time. They kept thinking we were hitting and I kept letting the time go. I thought we needed to back off a little bit today and have some fun. They responded. That was a big win for us…I thought it’d be a good time to talk and relax. Guys come early and do their work. Everybody was there. We were laughing and making fun of everybody. Things happen in A ball you really wouldn’t believe. I should write a book about it, the stuff that’s happened, the plays, people getting in trouble. It was just fun. I felt like it was the right thing to back off and just let them wait and play.”

It was a philosophy that worked wonders for the Senators.

They played loose and free. They were patient at the plate as they worked counts and drew six walks. They put aside their recent struggles hitting with runners in scoring position as they delivered a number of key two-out hits. It all added up to an 8-2 victory that the Senators badly needed.

Dugout Chatter

LeCroy on another quality spot start from Matt Swynenberg…
“We were scared he wasn’t going to be able to start because his neck was really, really bothering him. To put us out there into the fifth was pretty good. It wasn’t easy but he found a way to get it done.”

LeCroy on Destin Hood’s sacrifice fly to make it a 5-0 game…
“That was a good at-bat for Hoody. I know he hasn’t had the year he’s wanted, but he had a plan and he executed it. That’s how you have to play even when times are bad you still have to figure out ways to get it done.”

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