As we head into the off-season, I just wanted to clear up some housecleaning on my end. Starting next week I’ll begin my annual MVP countdown where I rank everyone who suited up for the Senators from 55 to 1. I’ll also continue posting stuff to the site all fall and winter as we gear up for yet another season on City Island.

But before we turn our thoughts away from 2013, I wanted to offer gratitude to a number of people…

Thanks to the Senators’ organization for welcoming me back for my third straight season covering the team.

Thanks to Team President Kevin Kulp and General Manager Randy Whitaker for humoring me and always being available to my numerous requests.

Thanks to Terry Byrom, Director of Broadcasting/Media Relations, for trusting me to cover the team fairly and in a professional manner.

Thanks to Manager Matt LeCroy and his staff, Paul Menhart, Eric Fox, Melvin Dorta, and Tony Rogowski, for their honesty and patience in sharing their vast knowledge of the game on a daily basis.

Thanks to all of the players for their time before and after the games. I can honestly say this was the best bunch of guys I’ve covered yet.

Thanks to Geoff Morrow and Dave Sottile for their friendship, laughter, and guidance. The season would be so much longer without these two next to me on press row.

Thanks to Aaron Margolis, Sean Purcell, Andree, Jim, Spaddy, and all of the other Sens-n-Friends for their tolerance with the outsider in the control room and a seemingly never-ending supply of red Twizzlers.

Thanks to Bob Hauer for being my #1 cheerleader.

And last but not least, I want to offer a big thanks to you, the readers. I hope I informed, entertained, and occasionally amused you throughout this year’s journey.

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