Free Agents & Contract Statuses


Shortly before the season ended we checked in with Nationals’ director of player development, Doug Harris, to find out the contract status of most of the Senators for the 2014 season.

Here’s the list of the impending Nationals’ minor league free agents that have come through Harrisburg during the last couple of years:

Michael Broadway
Caleb Clay
Josh Johnson
Jerad Head
Jeff Howell
Brian Jeroloman
Jeff Mandel
Pat McCoy
Chris Rahl
Carlos Rivero
Steven Souza
Ryan Tatusko
Jimmy Van Ostrand

These players are free to re-sign with the Nationals (like Rahl did last season), ink a deal elsewhere (like Zech Zinicola), or go the unaffiliated route (like Tim Pahuta).

There has to be mutual interest, but if I was the Nats I would do what I can to sign a number of players on this list, beginning with Souza and Clay.


Here’s a list of Nationals’ players who are still under contract for the 2014 season and beyond. Note that I elected to keep out the top prospects (Goodwin, Karns, etc) and instead focus a quick glance at the others from the Senators’ roster. (Year in parentheses denotes the year their contract runs through)

Justin Bloxom (2015)
Paul Demny (2014)
Rob Gilliam (2015)
Matt Grace (2016)
Ricky Hague (2016)
Tyler Herron (2014)
Neil Holland (2016)
Destin Hood (2014)
Pat Lehman (2015)
Jose Lozada (2014)
Jason Martinson (2016)
Sean Nicol (2015)
Matt Swynenberg (2015)
Blake Treinen (2017)
Rob Wort (2015)

Keep in mind that just because a player is under contract for additional seasons does not guarantee their return to the Nationals. They could still get released, traded or choose to retire.

If there’s anyone I haven’t listed that you want to know about, drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you.

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