Senators Spotlight: Favorite Non-Baseball Athlete

sports ballsDuring the 2013 season, each issue of the game program had an individual player as the subject of a Senators Spotlight highlighting some of their personal tidbits. Throughout the off-season, we’re going to look back on some of the best, funniest, and just plain weird answers to some of the questions. This week we have everyone’s favorite non-baseball athlete…

Jose Lozada – LeBron James

Ricky Hague – Adrian Peterson

Steven Souza – Kyrie Irving

Matt Swynenberg – Jay Cutler

Matt Grace – Bubba Watson

Nate Karns – James Harrison

mjMatt LeCroy – Michael Jordan

Sandy Leon – Michael Jordan

Jimmy VanOstrand – Michael Jordan

Justin Bloxom – Michael Jordan

TigerWoodsRedAnthony Rendon – Tiger Woods

Paul Demny – Tiger Woods

Taylor Jordan – Tiger Woods

peyton-manning-broncosAaron Barrett – Peyton Manning

Sean Nicol – Peyton Manning

Neil Holland – Peyton Manning

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