Senators Spotlight: If they weren’t playing baseball, what would they be doing?

During the 2013 season, each issue of the game program had an individual player as the subject of a Senators Spotlight highlighting some of their personal tidbits. Throughout the off-season, we’re going to look back on some of the best, funniest, and just plain weird answers to some of the questions. This week we have what everyone would you be doing if they weren’t playing baseball…

Steven Souza – Playing football

Matt LeCroy – Elementary school teacher


Sean Nicol – Coaching baseball

Aaron Barrett – Coaching baseball

Jose Lozada – Teaching sports in high school

Neil Holland – Looking for a job


Anthony Rendon – Golfing

Ricky Hague – Training athletes

Sandy Leon – Studying

Josh Johnson – Going to school


Matt Grace – An architect

Blake Treinen – Landscape architect or coaching baseball

Paul Demny – Being a salesman

Matt Swynenberg – Electrician


Jimmy VanOstrand – Freelance meteorologist

Justin Bloxom – Rocket scientist (working for NASA)

Nate Karns – NASA

Taylor Jordan – Try and become involved in fishing charters

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