Quotes from Last Night’s Doubleheader Split

I’m working on a more in-depth piece on Matt Purke, but I wanted to get these quotes from manager Brian Daubach out…

…on the come from behind victory
“It’s obviously a big win and hopefully we can build off of it. But it doesn’t even feel like we won, to be honest with you. We’re not playing very good. We’ve got to play better. We’ve got to have more energy and it starts with me. It’s on me. I’ve got to get these guys ready to play better. I’m happy we won the game no doubt and hopefully we can get it rolling…Pitching has to get better, we have to play better, and coaches have to coach better. That’s all there is to it.”

…on slogging through games after an early deficit
“Just because we’re down 1-0 or 2-0 with the club we have, it shouldn’t come down to the last inning all of the time. I appreciate the guys’ fight at the end there and being able to pull out a win which is huge…But I think we can do better up to that point.”

…on the double-steal he orchestrated to get the winning run ninety feet from scoring
“It’s a risk no doubt. But with only one out, Michael is really good at stealing third. Had he gotten thrown out we still had a runner in scoring position with two outs and Cutter would still have a chance to win the game. Michael got a good jump. Michael’s been with me a few years and I’m not afraid to take chances. The game was tied, and we had a full bullpen and we have a lot of faith in the bullpen, so it was worth the risk.”

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