Quoteapalooza on the Doubleheader Sweep


More tomorrow on AJ Cole and his stirring complete game shutout, but for now some quotes from manager Brian Daubach.

…on the doubleheader sweep
“I think the way the first game went obviously carried over to the second…Everybody stepped up today. That’s what we’re capable of. Hopefully it’s the start of things.”

…on Michael Taylor’s wrist-flick home run in Game 1
“Everyone knows he’s leading the league in strikeouts, but he’s really working hard on putting the ball in play. It was a two-strike swing and when Michael hits them, they go.”

…on Taylor’s bunt base-hit and home run in Game 2
“There’s not many guys in any league that can do those things, lay down a perfect bunt and then hit one off the scoreboard in the next at-bat. Special talent is about being consistent. Offensively, it’s about getting him in that hitting position.When he has, he recognizes pitches much better. He laid off some tough pitches tonight and had a couple of walks as well.”

…on playing Kevin Keyes in rightfield
“Tell you what, if a big league outfield can have me in left and Kevin Millar in right, then we can play Kevin in right field here. Johnny Damon had his work cut out for him when we were in the corners with him.”

…on Keyes’ approach and how it paid off in multiple full count at-bats in Game 2
“That’s something we’ve talked about: We haven’t done a very good job situational hitting. In both those situations, he sold out to hit the ball to right field. Next one, man on third and nobody out, got to find a way to get the ball in play. Fouled off a few pitches, got one he can handle, and when Kevin is right, he’s going really good to right-center like that. That was a good at-bat for him.”

…on defensive shift for New Britain’s Kennys Vargas
“It’s not something you work on a lot, but the angles are still the same to throw to first. I just think it’s an advantage. The kid is obviously swinging the ball well against the whole league, but he’s hit some homers against us. I know just from personal experience, sometimes when you see that you try to hit the ball the other way. That’s playing against his strength. Biggest thing is to keep him in the yard.”

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