Kevin Keyes’ swim move to elude tag at home

Senators manager Brian Daubach on Keyes and the call — “Duran got rid of that ball quick and it was on the money. Kevin made a really, really good slide and most times the umpires give up on that play. I don’t think there was any question that he was safe. But you just don’t see that play. Give credit to the umpire (1B ump Sean Ryan rotating in) for sticking with that play and getting the play right, not just assuming…I know we like to give these guys a hard time a lot but he was in really good position and he stayed with the play.

Nationals’ vice president of player personnel (and former All-Star catcher) Bob Boone — “It was a great call. They usually never call that. He (Ryan) was right on it.”

Daubach on the change to the home plate collision rule and how that direclty influenced the play — “Before this year and I’ve seen Kevin do it before you think you’re best chance is to run over the catcher. If that’s what this rule change leads to, that’s an exciting play. Probably more exciting than blowing up the catcher. I don’t know what fans to see but it’s certainly safer and you’ll see more plays like that.”

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