Matt Skole makes a monkey out of Jay Johnson with a walk-off home run

Skole on the walk-off at-bat — “We’ve seen this guy, Johnson, a lot. I think I’ve faced him 3-4 times, and I knew what he was going to try to do: soft away, then hard in. And he was throwing pretty hard. I was just trying to get a fastball up that I could put in play and keep it moving. He made a mistake, and I capitalized.”

Skole on the chance to win it with one swing — “It runs through your head. That’s what we play for. I want to be up there in that situation. I’ve been struggling all year. I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs, but I want to be in that situation every game. And I think we have a lot of guys who want to be in that situation. Hopefully that helps us. We won the series. We haven’t won many of those, so hopefully this gets us going in the right direction. Just a huge team win. I happened to be in the right spot.”

Senators’ manager Brian Daubach on Skole — “Sometimes a day off to mentally relax a little bit and sit and watch the game helps you…He had a little bit of a tough night last night and I just wanted him to relax a little bit. That’s what he’s capable of. Player of the Year in the organization two years ago and I saw most of it. He’s a guy that can get hot and stay hot for weeks at a time, maybe even months. Hopefully this is the start of things for Matt for this season.”

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