Quincy Latimore ends nearly three years of bases-loaded futility

In the 13th inning of yesterday’s game against the Richmond Flying Squirrels, Quincy Latimore hit a grand slam off outfielder Ryan Lollis who was forced into action on the mound. It was the first grand slam the Senators have hit since Stephen King achieved the feat on September 1st, 2011 for a span of 406 games.

In that 406 game span:

• The Senators had 81 hits (21 extra-base) over 294 at-bats with the bases loaded

• The most productive players with the bases loaded were Justin Bloxom (8-for-24, 23 RBIs) and Ricky Hague (7-for-16, 15 RBIs)

• The least productive player (with any substantial number of at-bats) has been Jason Martinson (2-for-17, 4 RBIs, 9 Ks)

• Opponents have hit 10 grand slams over 319 at-bats

• Latimore was 4-for-20 (including 0-for-4 this season) with the bases loaded for Harrisburg, Akron, and Altoona

Other grand slam factoids:

• Reading is now the only Eastern League team that hasn’t hit one yet this season

• Since returning to the Eastern League in 1987, the Senators have now hit a total of 57 grand slams including one by pitcher Shawn Hill in 2003

• Speedy outfielder Roger Bernadina is the team’s career leader with three.

• Milton Bradley authored the single greatest moment in Senators’ history with his bases-loaded home run on a full count with two outs in the deciding fifth game of the 1999 playoffs to propel the team to their fourth straight Eastern League championship

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2 Responses to Quincy Latimore ends nearly three years of bases-loaded futility

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  2. souldrummer says:

    I was directed here by Luke Erickson on Nationalsprospects.com. Thanks much for a concise, entertaining article that brings back some fun history. Wonder whatever happened to those Sharkadina guys? Have the continued to follow “The Shark” on his baseball odyssey as a AAAA player, or have they moved on with their lives and families? That would be a great “Where are they now?” should the Big Nats make the playoffs.

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