Leftover quotes from Trea Turner

17422286-mmmainI had the opportunity on Sunday afternoon to talk to newest Senator, Trea Turner, for my post that ran on PennLive here.

In the end, there were some questions and answers that I didn’t have room or context for but I wanted to put out in the universe…

…on the San Diego Padres’ handling during the first half of the season
“I owe them a lot. I’m very thankful for them doing what they did and allowed me to play at Double-A and treated me just like another player.”

…on the expectations of Nationals’ fans
“I have high expectations for myself. I probably have higher than anyone. I’m a picky kind of perfectionist.”

…on Monday’s off-day
“It’s definitely nice to have an off-day. I kind of got one today, another one tomorrow to think about where I’m going to live and stuff like that. I’ll have to figure that out pretty quick.”

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