Leftover quotes from Strasburgapalooza

Photo courtesy Dan Gleiter / PennLive

Photo courtesy Dan Gleiter / PennLive

Stephen Strasburg

…on his rehab start
“Obviously, it was a noon game I had to get up early, get a coffee in me but I was definitely excited to get back out there and face another team.”

…on returning to Harrisburg
“It’s cool. This town has brought me a lot of good memories especially early on so it’s like déjà vu all over again.”

Brian Daubach

…on the start
“He obviously had a really good fastball today and was pounding the zone. He used all of his pitches well, commanded his fastball, and had plus-velo.”

Chris Michalak

…on what Senators’ pitchers can learn from Strasburg
“He makes mistakes too. Warming up he didn’t hit spots, but he would make adjustments. I think that’s the biggest thing that those guys can learn from. He had the ability to feel when he was making a mistake and make that adjustment on the very next pitch.”

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