The Island Chronicles podcast, Episode 2 (March 16)


Terry Byrom, voice of the Senators, and myself are back for the March 16th episode of the Island Chronicles podcast.

As Opening Day creeps closer into view, we discussed the unwritten rules and how that related to the recent Bryce Harper/Goose Gossage kerfuffle, the construction and utilization of minor league coaching staffs, and what spring training transactions really mean (hint: not much).

We would love to get feedback from you so let us know what you like, what you don’t, and topics you want to hear us discuss in the future.

And one more thing…if you like it, please help us spread the word and share it with everyone.


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1 Response to The Island Chronicles podcast, Episode 2 (March 16)

  1. Bearcat says:

    Can you guys stop making Mick record this from the bathroom?

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