The Island Chronicles podcast, Episode 3 (March 23)

Terry Byrom, voice of the Senators, and myself are back for the March 23rd episode of the Island Chronicles podcast.

The Adam and Drake LaRoche brouhaha has dominated the interwebs this past week and we delved into the topic, specifically how kids in the clubhouse play at the minor league level.

We would love to get feedback from you so let us know what you like, what you don’t, and topics you want to hear us discuss in the future.

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2 Responses to The Island Chronicles podcast, Episode 3 (March 23)

  1. Allyn says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen this episode yet — it’s in my queue — so it’s possible you may have addressed this.

    I’d be interested in some talk about what spring training is like for the minor leaguers. Obviously, some minor league players have seen action in the major league camp, but what’s it like in the minor league camp? Do minor leaguers play games daily like their major league counterparts? If so, against whom? Does anyone attend minor league games, or are they played like Gulf Coast League games, in empty stadiums?

    I should mention that I while I know some of the answers to these questions, others may not. The audience for the podcast might find this interesting — before the Senators arrive on City Island, what were they doing in Viera?

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