Five takeaways from the Senators’ 2019 promotional schedule

The Harrisburg Senators gave fans a first look at what’s to come for the 2019 season as they released their promotional schedule on Wednesday afternoon. Here are my top five takeaways from it.

August 3 – Jamey Carroll will become the latest former Senator to be inducted into the One and Only Life Size Bobblehead Hall of Fame. Carroll batted .283 in 264 games over parts of four seasons for Harrisburg and still ranks fifth all-time in modern team history with 283 hits. The first 1,000 fans will get to take home their own smaller version of his likeness as it takes its place on the boardwalk next to Guerrero, Floyd, Harper, Stairs, Phillips, and Strasburg.

April 19 – Take a trip down memory lane as the Senators will celebrate the 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 teams that brought home the Eastern League championship four straight seasons. As part of the festivities, a Championship 4-Peat blanket will be handed out to the first 1,000 fans 13 and older.

Bobbleheads – Besides the Jamey Carroll bobblehead, the Senators will be giving away three additional figurines throughout the year: 

  • May 4 – Juan Soto (Star Wars theme) to the first 1,500 fans
  • June 22 – Matt LeCroy (Game of Thrones theme) to the first 1,500 fans
  • July 20 – Rascal (outer space theme) to the first 1,000 fans

Specialty Jerseys – Fans also love when the team wears specialty jerseys and auction off the game-worn uniforms. This year there will be four chances for you to go home with a specialty jersey:

  • May 25 – Space Jam
  • June 15 – Halfway to Christmas
  • August 4 – Selfie Day
  • August 24 – Pink Night

August 13-15 – On the 50th anniversary of the famous music festival, the Senators will celebrate Woodstock with their own three days of peace and music (and baseball). Let’s hope the weather is a lot better on City Island than it was on Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York half a century ago. This one will be a little bittersweet though, because the one person who would have loved to play some Hendrix, Santana, CCR, and Joplin tunes while enjoying a little weed won’t be around to enjoy it. RIP Andree

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