The Team of the 2010s: OF Michael Taylor

Photo courtesy Dan Gleiter / PennLive

Michael Taylor (2014, 2017, 2019) – .283/.367/.495, 129 G, 91 R, 75 RBI, 23 2B, 26 HR, 42 SB)

No matter how you measure it, 2014 was a pretty rotten season for the Senators. There were many games that were all but over shortly after the final words of the National Anthem were sung.

Michael Taylor, however, made coming to the yard every day worth it. If I was walking around the park, I made sure I could see his at-bats because there was always the sense that he would do something amazing. Taylor finally pulled all of his tools together to post a breakout campaign and one of the best seasons ever by a Senator.

Five years later, Taylor finds himself back on City Island trying to get his swing right and wait out a numbers crunch in the Nationals’ outfield that has him on the outside looking in.

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