8/13: Just One Thing

In an effort to write more than I have been, I decided to try at least putting together “Just One Thing” about each game I cover. It might be about a particular play, an at-bat, or a guy’s walk-up song. Whatever piques my interest that game. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Tonight’s error-laden slugfest was another prime example of why the pitcher win is an irrelevant stat.

Since Harrisburg Senators’ pitcher Jackson Tetreault couldn’t finish the fifth inning, by rule he cannot be awarded the win. So it is left up to the sole discretion of the official scorer who he bestows the honor.

I do not disagree with the choice of Jordan Mills tonight. The lefty reliever got the final two outs of the fifth inning without allowing a run. But in doing so, he wasn’t very “effective” loading the bases on two singles and a catcher interference before inducing an inning-ending fielder’s choice.

The problem wasn’t the selection of Mills. It’s that no one else deserved it either.

Andrew Lee threw three innings which saved the bullpen from overtaxing itself the game after a day off. But the 25-year-old right-hander allowed three runs including one of the five Altoona homers on the night. What was an 11-5 game when he entered was suddenly down to only three-run lead before the offense tacked on two in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Called in to secure the victory, Aaron Barrett wasn’t much better. He breezed through the first two batters before allowing a single, home run, and a single. Mercifully, Barrett got Jason Delay swinging to end the game.

So who should get the win? Why is it even a thing anymore? We have all these stats that show a pitcher’s effectiveness and a win isn’t one of them.

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