A different kind of Opening Day

The Harrisburg Senators were supposed to square off against the Trenton Thunder at Arm & Hammer Park later this evening as one of six games slated for the Eastern League’s Opening Day.

But as the nation reels from the COVID-19 pandemic and citizens live under shelter-in-place orders, stadiums and ballparks will sit vacant for the foreseeable future. As the uncertainty continues, the question no longer becomes when, but if we’ll even get a 2020 season.

I wish I had something insightful, inspiring, or even witty to say.

I don’t.

Life, as we’re currently living it, is tough for many. Having to do it without baseball in our lives makes it that much tougher.

That doesn’t mean we’ll go dark here. There’s not going to be a set schedule or anything. Still, it does give me a chance to finish some things I left hanging, work on some sizeable projects, and finally get to other pieces that hopefully keep your interest as we wade through this uncharted territory together.

That will all come later. But for tonight remind yourself why you love baseball.

Watch a game from last year on MiLB TV. Thumb through some old baseball cards. Watch “Bull Durham” for the 87th time. Play catch in the backyard. Go down a YouTube rabbit hole of highlights, bloopers, and everything in between.

Enjoy what would have been Opening Day in your own way.

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