Similarly matched Erie visiting City Island this week with stars on display

Colt Keith (Photo credit Tom Hagerty/

The Senators are dead even. This season has 16 wins and 16 losses in series against Somerset (twice), Richmond, Akron, New Hampshire, and Bowie. After winning five and losing one last week against the bottom-of-division Bowie Baysox, Harrisburg is back on the FNB Field diamond with the Erie SeaWolves visiting town.

The SeaWolves will bring three of the Tigers’ top five prospects to compete with Harrisburg. The Senators, meanwhile, roster one of the Washington Nationals’ top five prospects, the overall number two, Robert Hassell III.

Colt Keith is the Detroit Tigers’ overall No. 2 prospect and is currently with the Erie SeaWolves in AA ball. Detroit drafted him in the fifth round in 2020, which resulted in a change of plans as Keith was set to play baseball at Arizona State for the Sun Devils. Keith has played both in college and professionally at third base and second base, but many scouts say that he will remain at third base due to a lack of foot speed that will expectedly get worse with age. He also pitched in high school with a range of 89-93 miles an hour which will be helpful for long throws from one corner to another.

Wilmer Flores is the Tigers’ No. 4 prospect and a right-hander for the SeaWolves. The 6-foot-4 pitcher signed with Detroit in 2020 and is pitching at a 94-95 miles an hour range with good location. His curveball is developing with upper 70 speed. Flores will likely start Thursday evening on the island in an important early-season series.

Ty Madden is the fifth overall prospect for the Tigers. Detroit drafted him in 2021, and many fans hope he will be ready for Comerica Park in 2024. After a college career at the University of Texas, Madden provides the SeaWolves with another reliable starter for the stretch on City Island. The right-hander is scheduled to start both Tuesday and Sunday’s game.

The SeaWolves are 17-16 and second in the Eastern League Southwest, one spot above Harrisburg, who sits in third place after a winning stretch against Bowie last week. Just below first-place Richmond, both teams have chances to make it closer to claiming the top spot in the Southwest Division approaching June.

The series begins with a 6 p.m. start on Tuesday evening at FNB Field.

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