What Will the Next Winning Streak Bring?

Senators’ manager Tony Beasley

In Andy Shay’s excellent feature on the team’s current eight-game winning streak, w
e learned of a clubhouse deal that is motivating the Harrisburg Senators beyond the usual winning and losing

Skipper Tony Beasley told his team he would grow a fu manchu if the Sens won five games in a row. You can’t see it yet, but rest assured Beasley is working on his new look. “It’s going to take a couple days. I don’t grow hair quickly,” said Beasley.

If you want a sneak preview at what Beasley will look like in a few days we have taken it upon ourselves to artistically represent what we can expect from the manager.

It also got us to thinking what other follicle and baseball inspired deals could Beasley make to the Senators if they keep reeling off win after win. What about…

A Brian Wilson beard?
Rollie Fingers’ handlebar mustache?

The Oscar Gamble fro?

Or the Kenny Powers mullet?

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