Senators Spotlight: Dinner Guest

dinnerDuring the 2013 season, each issue of the game program had an individual player as the subject of a Senators Spotlight highlighting some of their personal tidbits. Throughout the off-season, we’re going to look back on some of the best, funniest, and just plain weird answers to some of the questions. This week we review which famous person, living or dead, the players would most want to have dinner with…

Paul Demny – Frank Sinatra

Neil Holland – Emilio Estevez

jesusBlake Treinen – Jesus

Ricky Hague – Jesus Christ

Sean Nicol – Jesus

Steven Souza – Paul the Apostle

BillMurray_CSAaron Barrett – Bill Murray or Bobby Knight

Matt LeCroy – Babe Ruth

Nate Karns – King Tut

Taylor Jordan – Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

Anthony Rendon – Richard Pryor

jackie-robinson1Josh Johnson – Jackie Robinson

Justin Bloxom – Michael Jordan

A.J. Cole – Clint Eastwood

Sandy Leon – Jessica Alba

Jennifer-Aniston-ImageMatt Swynenberg – Jennifer Aniston

Jimmy VanOstrand – Carrie Underwood

Matt Grace – Rihanna

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1 Response to Senators Spotlight: Dinner Guest

  1. It’s strange that you would use a screen capture image of a character named Brian from the 1979 movie “Life of Brian” in place of a more generally accepted image of Jesus Christ. The satirical comedy film from the British Monty Python troupe is about the life of Brian Cohen, a young Jewish man who is born on the same day as, and next door to, Jesus Christ and is subsequently mistaken for the Messiah. The film contains themes of religious satire that were controversial at the time of its release, drawing accusations of blasphemy and protests from some religious groups. It’s cool by me – see I paid good lawn-cutting money to see the film in the theater when it came out and have abeen a Pythoin fan since the mid-70’s. But I wonder what Blake , Ricky, and Sean would think!

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